Human Transcription Discount Coupon

Posted in Info on April 17, 2023 by Ronen Rabinovici ‐ 2 min read

For those who need a human touch, we offer a discount for human transcription services. The service is not given by us, thus we cannot be responsible for it - but we do offer a discount for it for Speechnotes users, and never heard any issues with it. So, we fill comfortable referring to them - and getting you - our users - probably the best price on the market for human transcriptions.

The service is given by a UK company named GoTranscript.

Using the links on this page - you will receive 10% discount for all your orders!

To get the 10% discount, please use the following link:

When to use human transcription?

Use human transcription when:

  1. You need a very high accuracy, and you are willing to pay for it. The accuracy of human transcription is usually 99% and above, while the accuracy of automatic transcription is usually 90% and above - and depends greatly on audio quality, language & accent.
  2. When audio quality is not great, or accent is heavy, or - you tried automatic transcription - and results were not good enough.

When NOT to use human transcription?

NEVER use human transcription when privacy is important!! If you do not care about the audio being leaked - go ahead. But - if you are NOT willing to have the recording leaked - never use human transcription online. In that case - we recommend using Speechnotes’ Automatic Transcription Service.

The reason is that online transcription services are usually done by freelancers, and you have no control over who they are, and what they do with your audio. Your audio passes a few hands, a few devices, and there are many opportunities to leak it. So - if you care about privacy - never use human transcription online.

Contrary to that - Speechnotes’ Automatic Transcription Service is 100% private. No human is involved. All audio is removed as soon as the job is done. Only you have secure access to the results, and when you choose to delete the results after you receive it - it is gone forever from our database.

How to use human transcription?