Transcription Quick Start

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Start & Sign In

Go to Speechnotes Transcribe web page at

Tap the 'SIGN IN' and sign in using your Google account. No need to remember new passwords. Speechnotes will not receive your password - it remains private - it only receives your email address and confirmation from Google that indeed you signed in.

Sign in using your gmail account
Sign in using your gmail account

Purchase Credit

Once signed in, you will see a welcome message with your name. There you will see the main 2 action buttons you need. The first is to load credit minutes for transcription. Click on the 'ADD CREDIT' button, as seen in the image below.

Click 'ADD CREDIT' to open the purchase dialog
Click 'ADD CREDIT' to open the purchase dialog
Then, the purchase dialog will open, where you can choose how many minutes you would like to purchase. This is a pre-paid method, where unused minutes stay as credit in your account for future transcription jobs.
Purchase dialog
Purchase dialog. Select how many minutes.
Once purchased, you will see you credit-minutes added and updated on the main screen. It may take a few seconds for the payment and update to go through. Please note: for your convenience, we accept payments both from PayPal and from credit cards, whatever you choose. Payments are secured and processed by PayPal.

Then - last step - simply upload your file. Speechnotes-Files accepts most types of both audio and video files. Although, for your own convenience it is much preferable to upload audio files and not videos as videos are much larger in size. Which means uploading a video file may take much more time and data (if you are on mobile) than uploading only the audio part. So, if upload of a video file is too slow, or fails altogether due to interrupts, it is recommended to extract the audio out of the video and upload the audio part alone.

Click 'UPLOAD' to open the upload dialog
Upload button
Then, the upload dialog will open, where you can select your file, select the language of the audio in the recording and type if necessary.
Upload dialog
Upload dialog
For your convenience, you can either upload a file stored on your local disk, or - you can simply paste the url to a file online or even a regular YouTube link. The url can be a direct url to an audio or video file, YouTube, or a Google Drive url. If your files are already on Google Drive - then this is the preferred option. Please note that Google-Drive links are limited to 100MB file size.
Please note: if you select to pass a Google Drive url - please make sure the file is less than 100MB and that it is indeed publicly shared and accessible through that link, as we do not ask for a specific permission to access it. Here's how to get a public url for a file on Drive

Upload multiple files at once

For your convenience, you can even upload multiple files at once, or send multiple links at once. If you do send multiple links, please separate them with a comma.

Transcription results

Results will show just a few minutes after upload finished on your dashboard at
For your convenience you will be notified via email.

Contact Us

Best way to contact us is through the chat message bot on