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Speechnotes Chrome Extension

Speech recognition on ANY website & premium


Main Features

The extension's popup window

This main extension's window is called the 'popup window' and it holds all of the extension's controls and preferences.

To open the popup window, tap the extension's mic icon next to the browser's address-bar

Microphone button to start / stop recognition. Language selector follows.

Floating Microphone Button on Page

By default, a floating microphone will appear whenever you are editing text, or whenever speech recognition is on. The floating microphone is a quick way to start or pause recognition and also to change recognition language.

You can change the preferences, such that the microphone never shows, or always shows. These options appear in the extension's popup window, when tapping the extension's icon next to the address bar.

Context Menu on Page

Right-click on page to invoke the context menu

We added a 'Speech Recognition' option to Chrome's context menu - the one invoked by right-click. Go ahead and try it - click a mouse right-click and then select 'Start Speech Recognition'. You can start & pause recognition right from there.

Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcut to start / stop recognition Ctrl+Shift+L

Stamps - Emojis & Texts

In addition to speech recognition, the Speechnotes extension enables you to insert emojis and pre-typed texts into the page with one click. Open the popup window by clicking the extension's mic icon (next to the browser's address bar).



Tap on the 'Texts' tab. There, you can add and edit as many texts as you like. This feature comes in handy for difficult-to-recognize texts (eg symbols, names or technical terms) as well as for frequently needed texts, such as your signature, address or even email address.

Tips & More

Editing text in a text box & the floating text box

When we recognize the caret is already in a text-input-box dictation results will be typed right in it. In case the mouse is not in a text-input-box, our own temporary text-box will appear, and results will be typed in it. You can then copy the text and close it.

Please note - when closing the temporary results-text-box, it erases the text - so make sure to copy it before closing.

Edit Text Stamps

Tap on the text-stamp to insert it into the text-box on page. Alternatively you can COPY it, by tapping the 'Copy' icon on the text row.

Tap the 'pencil icon' to edit a text. Clearing the text from the box will remove that text-stamp altogether. You can add as many as you like by tapping the '+ New Text Stamp' button.


Open the popup window, and scroll down a little. You will find the preferences section.

Note: Semi-Different Behaviour on Facebook

On facebook, and some other websites, we will append the transcription results to a popped text-box to avoid potential errors that might come from editing facebook's own post text area.

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