Speechnotes Files Affiliate Program

Earn 10% out of every purchase made by clients referred by you, per lifetime!

Share once - earn ongoing commission for a lifetime. Like getting rent.

Yeah, not just 10% on their first purchase, but 10% on every purchase they will ever make! This could potentially become a substantial sum over time, or a regular passive income if you have a large social influence.

Your friends earn too

Anyone referred by you, will get $5 bonus upon their first purchase. And, of course, they will enjoy this new service which brings the most accurate results by latest Google technology at the most convenient retail price.

How to join our affiliates program & earn money

1. Sign in to Speechnotes Files

2. Tap on the 'EARN' button and then continue to the 'Affiliates' program

The 'EARN' button will show right under your name & current balance. As seen in the image below:

Click 'EARN' to open the affiliates popup
Earn & reward button
Then, the earn & reward dialog will open, where you can select the affiliate plan you prefer. The simple plan, convenient for most users is to share the link that appears in that dialog box. It will reward you with $5 credit for every paying customer you bring.
But - if you can bring big clients, or recurring clients, you can actually earn much more and in CASH by joining our affiliates program. You do that by clicking the bottom button that directs to the affiliates screen. As seen in the image below. The affiliates program will earn you 10% of every purchase the clients you bring will ever make. Unlimited in time, unlimited in amount. 10% of every purchase, for life.:
This button will direct you to the affiliates popup
This button will direct you to the affiliates popup

3. Final step - share the link generated in the 'Affiliates' dialog box

So, at this point you should have the affiliates popup opened. As shown in the image below.

The Affiliates dialog
The affiliates dialog. Share the link to earn life-long 10% of every purchase clients you direct will ever make.
Share the link (copy it directly or click the 'COPY' button) to earn 10% of every purchase clients directed by you will ever make.
At this point, it is also recommended to associate a PayPal account to be able to withdraw the earned money in the future. This step is detailed next.

4. Withdraw the money

Once your earning balance (detailed in the affiliates dialog) as seen below reaches a minimum of $50 you can withdraw the money directly to your PayPal account. First of course you will need to associate a PayPal account if you haven't done so already. To make sure it is indeed yours and no typos, associating the account is done by transferring $0.1. This is the best method we came up with to make sure the money you earn will be directed to the correct account.

Associate a PayPal account
Associate a PayPal account to receive funds

Once the PayPal account is associated - you can withdraw funds that reached over $50. This is done by clicking on the bottom 'WITHDRAW' button, as seen in the image:
Withdraw button
Click 'Withdraw' to have your earnings balance transferred to your designated PayPal account

That's it. Hope you make tons of money!


You agree that you will not try to deceive or abuse the program. Fraud payments or other will not be rewarded. Applying fraudulent methods will potentially lose your earnings and will result in blocking you from the service altogether.

We have the full right to decide which payments are true and thus entitle you the 10% commission. Commission will not be received for payments that were fraud or were refunded.

Please note that this is not a contract, but rather a state of our intention. We will do our best efforts to maintain this service and fulfill our intention as stated above, as our reputation is at stake. But, you may take no legal action if we fail, as we clearly state that we may change our program as we wish, whenever we wish, without notice. We really intend to do exactly as we say - but - if technical failures arise and or we decided to change our policy - the commission rate and terms may vary. There's absolutely no guarantee. We also may stop the service or change it whenever we decide. The actual commission is our decision solely, and you may have no claims on it.

Good Luck!!!

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