YouTube Transcriptions - In Minutes

Speechnotes Automatic Transcription now lets you get full YouTube transcripts in no time, for only $0.1 a minute

Works for any YouTube video and for almost any language (if you need a language that is not yet supported - let us know and we'll make it happen). No need to download the video - simply paste the link to it into Speechnotes Files automatic transcription service

Surprisingly accurate results!

Common use cases are:

How to transcribe YouTube files using Speechnotes' Automatic transcription service

  1. Sign in to Speechnotes' Automatic transcription service simply by using a Google sign in.
  2. Click 'Add Credit' to purchase as many minutes as you need for the YouTube at only $0.1 a minute.
  3. Click 'Upload File' to open the upload form.
  4. Within the upload form, paste the YouTube's link. Can be a regular or a share link.
  5. Select the YouTube's language.
  6. Click 'Upload' and that's it. Within minutes (typically a third of the file's duration) you will receive an email letting you know results are ready for you in Speechnotes.

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