Wav to mp3 Converter - Batch Transform All Files in Directory

Use to compress your wav audio files to the efficient compression format mp3. Reduces upload size and improves upload time

Select your operating system:

Win 64 bit Win 32 bit Mac

Follow these steps if you are on Windows 64 bit:

  1. Click the following button to download a .zip file, named speechnotes_ffmpeg.zip
  2. Copy speechnotes_ffmpeg.zip to your C hard drive
  3. Extract the zip file.
  4. Verify that you now have a folder named speechnotes_ffmpeg directly within your C hard drive. If you do - continue.
  5. Click the following button to download a .bat file, named speechnotes_wav_to_mp3.bat
  6. Copy speechnotes_wav_to_mp3.bat to any directory that has the *.wav audio files you want to extract the audio from.
  7. Double click the copied speechnotes_wav_to_mp3.bat file in order to run it. It should automatically open a command line window and run there.
  8. Once finished, it creates a folder named speechnotes-output-mp3 where in it are all the new mp3 files
  9. Have more *.wav audio files in a different directory? Simply repeat 'Copy speechnotes_wav_to_mp3.bat to any directory...'  and on with the other directory.

Don't have a C hard drive?

You may use a different drive, but, you will have to edit the .bat file, and replace every 'C://' with your drive of choice.

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